Hello, my name is Dellea and I am a lifestyle blogger by way of Texas. I read hella books and believe personal growth is a lifelong pursuit.

Grade 21 is my journey toward a better quality life – doing what feels good, making the right choices (personally and professionally), and taking care of my mental health through books, therapy, nutrition, and MAYBE the occasional workout (ha!).

This blog is about sharing the lessons I’m learning. Personal growth, self help – whatever you call it – isn’t taught in school. It’s up to you to learn how to achieve balance and curate the life of your dreams.

NOTE: Until 2018, I’m writing short posts about the funny, sad, & weird in my life. I need to get in the habit of creating content. I am writing short posts at least once a week (without editing or worrying about fitting some niche, driving traffic, etc). If you enjoy this content: comment, share, or let me know on twitter!

My Story


I entered graduate school with big dreams. I wanted to be a top researcher in my field and a kickass professor. I was eager to spend 5 years researching my favorite topics, graduate with my PhD, and make a difference in the world.

Well, that plan went to hell in a hand basket.

I was isolated, depressed, anxious, and fell behind in my program. Every year I stayed in school was another step closer to quitting my life all together. I was in and out of the hospital with stress induced ulcers, anemia, and panic attacks. Everything was spiraling out of control.

My wake up call came when someone I admired committed suicide. It was time to follow my intuition and take control over my life.

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That day, I went to the animal shelter and adopted my best friend, Boo (AKA Boo Bear, Boober, Babygirl). Not to be that dog lady, but WHO SAVED WHO THO? I moved into a shared space with a friend. I took hour long walks. I hit up my therapist. Changed my meds. Celebrated the tiny wins of the day. Started eating with intention.

Most importantly, I started reading.

Sometimes, I’d read a book a day. I picked up anything that grabbed my attention. I studied personal finance, business, marketing, autobiographies, career advice, and finally: self help.

Oh, I love the self help books. Self improvement. Personal development. Whatever, it’s the GLOW UP section of Barnes & Noble.

I thought I knew everything until I knew nothing. I hit the books when I had nowhere else to turn. The most important lessons I’ve learned are from the books I pour over, the kickass influencers I follow online, and the people I allow into my life.

The balance you seek must be learned. The life you dream must be earned. And the only way to make it happen is to stay learning.

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