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How to Save $100 on High End Skincare! #AskMeHow

Hey, y’all! I am writing a short and sweet post to show you how I saved over $100 on high end skincare! Today, I noticed my facial cleanser was running out and was BUMMED! The retail value of my cleanser is $40 and I’m not quick to spend money (though this product is totally worth it!). So, I did what I do best:

Research! Time for some good old fashioned price comparison (swear, this is an actual hobby).

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8 Tricks for New Thrift Shoppers (Even Macklemore Would be Impressed)

“I’m gonna pop some taaaaags!” (Thrift Shop, Macklemore)

Thrifting is an art. Perhaps even a sport. My mother would be considered a competitive thrifter – finding exquisite pieces for a fraction of the original price. She knew where all the best deals were and which stores had the most quality items.

Luckily, I picked up this penchant for thrifting. Whenever I am looking for something specific, I will price compare until the cows come home. I toggle between websites for ages, drive around from store to store and raid the sale rack. If I can get exactly what I’m looking for at a decent price, it’s worth the time.

If you just aren’t into shopping, don’t have the time, or are brand new to thrifting – I’ve got you, boo! Below are my top 10 tricks for thrifting. Do you have any thrifting tips? Comment below! Continue Reading

7 Money Saving Hacks (That ACTUALLY WORK)

I have saved hundreds of dollars with these little known tips and now you can too! Don’t play yourself, a little bit goes a long way. Start saving here and there and it will pay off in the long run. Do you have any other tricks that work for you?

Write a buy list

Physically write down the items you wish to buy (description, price, reason for purchase) on a piece of paper or in a notebook. It’s easy to add things to the Amazon wishlist without thinking, but something about writing it down makes it more real (similar to the argument that cash slows spending because you can feel and see it leaving your hands – it’s more real). Continue Reading