Why Your Big Dreams Keep Failing

Your big dreams are likely going to end in failure.

Hear me out.

You have big dreams. Oprah has big dreams. The difference between you and Oprah? At some point, Oprah stopped dreaming and started doing.

This is a simple, but powerful, reminder: actions speak louder than words.

It’s fun to dream. It feels productive to read blogs and write goals in your journal. We spend hours, days, YEARS, talking about our dreams with friends. Time passes and the dream lives on, but you are not any closer to achieving your vision.

Why Do Dreams fail?

For me, it’s both fear and lack of action. I was afraid that I would fail, but I was even more afraid that I would succeed. Success is scary – it means things will definitely change. Failure means you get to stay in your comfort zone (and who doesn’t want to be comfy?).

Additionally, my fear of success stopped me from taking action. Sure, I spent a lot of time writing out grand plans (“move to X city”, “be financially set”, “have a poppin podcast”), but this kind of planning is ineffective. What does it mean to be “financially set”? Pay off credit cards? Pay off one student loan? Two? Have successful investments?

If you are not specific, you will not know when you’ve reached your goal! Once I started breaking down my big dreams into smaller, tangible goals, I was able to see myself make progress. This progress builds momentum and lights the fire to continue down the path toward your vision.

For example, “have an emergency fund of $2000 in 6 months” is a great goal. It sets an amount and a timeframe. To achieve this financial goal, you need to save roughly $330/month. You can go further and break it down by week (and even day). When you reach this amount, set another financial goal that will get you closer to “financial stability” (whatever that looks like for you).

Dreaming big is beautiful and exciting. Take a moment to imagine the vision you have for your future. Do not feel embarrassed – every lovely thing that comes to mind? You deserve it. Lean into this dream, let it inspire you.

This dream you have in your mind right now? It takes courage and WORK. The only way to achieve it is to push through the self-doubt and just DO IT. Think about your day, how you use your time, and spend your money… Do your daily actions align with your long term vision? Everyday is a new opportunity to get closer to your dream life.

It’s not enough to dream. You must also DO.

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