8 Podcasts That Will Change Your Life (According to an Obsessed Podcaster!)

It is not an understatement when I say, I love podcasts!

If you haven’t heard, I even have a podcast of my very own. Looking for comedic political analysis and millennial foolishness? Check out The Caudacity Podcast after this post!

I started listening to podcasts before they were cool (10+ years ago = street cred) and currently subscribe to around 15 shows (obsessed, much?). I don’t listen to all of them on a regular basis, but I listen to certain shows depending on what I need in that moment.

Today, I am sharing my favorite podcasts that have helped me glow up financially, spiritually, and inspire me creatively.

Mental Wellness Podcasts

The Friend Zone

If you like The Read, consider this a sister show! This show is comedic, but also thought provoking. I consider this a supplement to therapy and a highlight of my week. In the words of Dustin, “Who in the HELL wants a musty brain?”

Black Girl in Om

This show is hella soothing. This show focuses on self care, empowerment, and natural wellness. My favorite aspect of the show are the interviews with people in the wellness industry. It’s also a dedicated a safe space for womyn of color.

Levar Burton Reads

From the man who blessed us with Reading Rainbow (also Geordi LaForge on Star Trek, hello?), it’s Levar Burton Reads! It’s basically Reading Rainbow for adults. If you’re having a stressful day or trouble sleeping, give this show a try. His voice… well, issa VIBE.

Podcasts About Money and Career


Listen, these ladies know what’s UP! This show is for the young professional that needs help with their career glo up. Episodes are engaging, funny, and necessary. Previous topics include being yourself at work, slaying the interview process, and more. Also a show with great interviews.

Paychecks and Balances

This show is about the NUMBERS and I am a personal finance junkie. The hosts talk all things credit, debt, budgets, negotiating salaries, and more. Episodes often feature interviews with other money mavens. Get your money right!

Podcasts for Creatives and Entrepreneurs

My Taught You Podcast 

If you’re serious about living that entrepreneurial life, Myleik Teele is someone to follow. She doles out tough love and is guaranteed to make you feel uncomfortable – in a good way! Her advice often makes me re-evaluate myself and do better.

Lavendaire Lifestyle

This podcast is a few things all rolled into one. Aileen talks about spirituality, finding confidence, and following your passion. I particularly enjoy the interviews with other creatives (podcasters, writers, designers) and their life path. If you need inspiration to create, Lavendaire is where it’s at.

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