The Only Trick You Need to Build Better Money Habits

Once a month, I have a “no spend weekend” and encourage others online to participate with me (#NoSpendWknd). I started challenging myself to limit my spending days as a way to become a more intentional with my money.

Can I make a confession?

I’m an impulse shopper.

I don’t go shopping, but I do find myself going to Target (sometimes multiple times a day – yikes!) and picking up little things that will make me feel better. I tend to splurge on unnecessary items when I am feeling stressed, bored, or insecure (it happens to all of us).

Sidenote: Beware of the little purchases you make in the name of self care. Self care is not always about a new nail polish or writing dreams down on pretty stationary. Sure, it’s just a latte. You found it on clearance. You are feeling down, so you deserve it. 

Don’t you also deserve financial security?

I’m not saying #NoSpendWknd will give you financial security, but it will help you confront your spending triggers and encourage you to develop better money habits.

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How does a No Spend Weekend work?

It’s very straightforward: for three days (Friday-Sunday), challenge yourself to spend exactly $0.00.

You heard me. No dollar menu. No delivery. No face masks. No quick breakfast at the bagel spot. NONNATHAT.

Not only will this challenge you to identify your spending trends, but this challenge will motivate you to use things you already own. I already have face masks. I have coffee. I have food (I am just too tired or lazy to prepare it!).

That dress that makes me feel sooooo fine? It can wait until Monday. If I still want it after at least 24 hours, I will allow myself to make that purchase.

FYI, I usually stop fixating on that item after a few hours. I either completely forget about it or the thrill of finding it has waned. The No Spend Weekend Challenge is the reason I recognized this about myself.

Trust me when I say this is the only trick you need to build better money habits.

It’s a simple, but powerful practice.

(It’s not the only tool you will ever use to build better habits, but it’s the only trick/hack/shortcut that has ever worked for me).

Don’t wait to get your money right!


Make sure to use the hashtag #NoSpendWknd on Instagram and Twitter to share ways you’re surviving the challenge!

Do you have any tricks for gettin your money right? 

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