How to Save $100 on High End Skincare! #AskMeHow

Hey, y’all! I am writing a short and sweet post to show you how I saved over $100 on high end skincare! Today, I noticed my facial cleanser was running out and was BUMMED! The retail value of my cleanser is $40 and I’m not quick to spend money (though this product is totally worth it!). So, I did what I do best:

Research! Time for some good old fashioned price comparison (swear, this is an actual hobby).

Searching for Skincare Savings

First, I checked Sephora’s website because I receive FREE 2 day shipping and saw my cleanser listed for $38. Hmm, at least the shipping is free.

peter thomas roth anti-aging gel cleanser discount

Then, I hopped on good ole Amazon to reorder the Peter Thomas Roth Anti-Aging Cleansing Gel for $27. Much better! AND the shipping is free! I was about to throw it in the cart and be on my way when I thought…

Hold up, lemme check the Peter Thomas Roth (PTR) website. I never go straight to brand websites because retailers tend to offer better deals, but intuition told me, “Go on, girl!”.

The cleanser was listed for the full $38 PLUS an extra fee for shipping. It was definitely the WORST deal out of the three sites. Yikes.

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Curious, I clicked on the “SALE” section just to see what’s poppin.


peter thomas roth value kit

I saw the cleanser – the WHOLE ASS 8.5 OZ – included in a men’s value kit for $29 (same price as Amazon). The full gel, a shaving cream, mattifying gel, and a carrying case. OKAY! I throw it in the cart and assess the shipping costs.

The shipping is $10 US AMERICAN DOLLARS. There’s small text that tells me I can get free shipping if I spend an additional $20.  

Okay, sis. Back to the sale section.



Scroll – ooh!

peter thomas roth rose repair gel

A similar gel cleanser marked down from $38 to $15. Well, shoot. Throw it in the bag!

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE. I signed up for the PTR newsletter and received a welcome email with a 15% off promo code!

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Saving Big on High End Skincare

magazine stack vogue rihanna beauty

Lemme recap: After price comparing across different websites, I found my exact cleansing gel for a discounted price in a value set. It’s the same price as the one on Amazon, but with a few extra goodies!

The shipping was too damn high, but I can get free shipping over a certain amount. To get free shipping on my order, I checked the sale section and found a similar cleanser for only $15! I added TWO to my cart. Finally, I got a promo code for 15% off my total order.

My total? $50.91. The full retail price would’ve been $120+, y’all! You know what’s even better? This cleanser legitimately lasts me about 2 years. I have three full size bottles. GIRL, I’M SET FOR LIKE THREE YEARS. Bwahaha!

If you’re curious about the Peter Thomas Roth cleansers, I suggest ordering the anti-aging gel cleanser from Amazon for only $27 and getting that free shipping. Even better, the rose stem cell bio-repair cleansing gel is on Amazon for only $19!

I ordered the extra cleansers from the brand website because I know this product works well for my skin type (combination oily/dry, large pores, dark spots). I especially like gel cleansers because foam cleansers are too drying and cream cleansers don’t feel like they’re getting UP IN THERE. This particular cleanser is a chemical exfoliant (formulated with AHAs), so take care to wear SPF!

I just wanted to brag on myself for finding such a good deal and share my online shopping routine! Always price comparison, sign up for newsletters, and never waste money on shipping – put that toward another product.

Happy saving, y’all.

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