6 Life Lessons Every Grad Student Needs to Survive

Once upon a time, I was on track to get my PhD in political science. After three years, I decided to leave the program with my master’s degree and find my happy (like blogging!). During this time, I went through major challenges and learned a lot of hard lessons. Out of ALL the things I’ve learned, these are the MOST important. Continue Reading

Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid in College (Grown Womyn Edition)

This post was requested by a special friend who is beginning college as a grown ass womyn. She wants to start off her journey on the right foot and asked for some advice. I hope my experience is helpful. If you have any additional advice for my homegirl, sound off in the comments below.

Unpopular opinion, but college is not the time for careless mistakes. Sure, oversleeping and partying too much is understandable. Taking out loans without a second thought? Avoiding office hours? All are rookie mistakes that will cost you in the long run. Trust me, I’ve made plenty of poor choices that I am still literally paying for years later. Don’t be like me, get yourself together NOW, not later. Your future self will thank you. Continue Reading

The ONE Reason You Must Self Educate (Stay Learning)

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In graduate school, I learned many life lessons (See 6 Life Lessons from Graduate School). One of the most important lessons? I am responsible for my own education. No one tells me what I should be studying or tells me how to balance work and life. I looked at what I didn’t know and set out to do better. I started to research self care… and productivity… and personal finance… and entrepreneurship. Once I learned how to teach myself, I started reading up on everything that sparks my interest. I am better for it.

(I heard Elon Musk does the same thing. Great minds think alike, amiright?)

Once I started learning, I never stopped.

I started learning about different topics, but most importantly, I learned about myself. Graduate school exacerbated my anxiety and made me physically ill, but I committed myself to working through the challenge. After years of hard work, I am on the other side. I am content. I haven’t felt depression in ages. My anxiety is under control. Dare I say… I’m happy?

It feels absurd to admit to myself, but I am happy.

I finally reached happy. Everything I thought would bring me to this state of being was an illusion. More on this in another post.

The number one reason why you should stay learning? (or ‘keep learning’, if you don’t speak AAVE.) Continue Reading